About us
Established in 1996,  Shanghai Conant Optics Co., Ltd , has been devoted into the international market as the  largest manufacturer in China, and now Conant Optics is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality optical lenses.
In the last decade, conant has built its reputation in the optical international market, for its finished and semi-finished quality lenses, and the good service------we are happy to fill your specific needs in products and service.
Conant Optics LAB,  a separate department of Conant Optics, has many generations of experience in producing quality optical products. We supply you a wide line of prescription lenses, and many other services, such as edging and glazing.
The LAB is equipped with the latest state of the art equipment, staffed by highly trained technicians. With online order system and a professional service team, you can be astonished and satisfied.